Dube Cargo Terminal is a state-of-the-art facility and one of the most secure cargo operations in Africa.

With automatic handling equipment, which digitally tracks goods, provides for extremely fast turn-around times from airside to landside and offers one-stop, 24-hour, on-site regulatory services, including Customs, Port Health, Border Police, SAPS and the Department of Agriculture, the facility is widely regarded as being one of the most technologically advanced cargo terminals in the world.

The Cargo Terminal is solely owned and operated by Dube TradePort Corporation and enjoys an enviable security and SLA track-record, maintaining an impressive 0% cargo loss since its inception in early 2010. In addition, it has received South African Revenue Services and Civil Aviation Authority approval and is also a Part 108-compliant facility.

The facility, with direct airside access, is linked to King Shaka International Airport (airside), and to Dube TradeZone (landside) via an overhead conveyor airbridge to where the freight-forwarding community, logistics service providers, assemblers, distributors and manufacturers are based.  It is operational 24/7, with no additional after-hours fees.

Dube Cargo Terminal's employment of an Elevated Transfer Vehicle (ETV), by ICM Airport Technics, and a fully mechanised and digitised inventory system contributes significantly to the speed, efficiency and security of importing and exporting activities.

Dube TradePort has the ability to grow products in Dube AgriZone, truck them to the Cargo Terminal’s cold storage facility within minutes from harvesting, and export them on the same day. There are 45 airline pallet bays in cold storage, with temperature settings from +2 degrees to ambient temperature of the day, offering 4 different temperature zones. The 1 500 m2 of open cold storage area has 2 dedicated build-and-break stations as well as inline x-ray screening facilities.

Dube Cargo Terminal, currently with the capacity to handle 100 000 tonnes of cargo annually and the ability to expand to 2 million tonnes by the year 2060, provides Dube TradePort, Durban and KwaZulu-Natal with a highly efficient and effective platform for rapid and seamless access to global supply chains, setting the scene for local business enterprises to become increasingly competitive on the global stage.

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